About Us

A BlackinWhite is born in 2003 with the name "Retina", and from that it evolved to the present concept and name. 
The brand has its is first appearance in 1998 as a spin-off from a college project between César Sousa e Rui Fernandes. 
As an official brand, BlackinWhite was created in 2010, bring structure and image that at this time was already growing and beaming self sufficient. 
This name has its origin from a concept and a path to be followed. It represents a way to be and  exist in the market, to always have everything "black in white", explained and clear to the costumer. 
To record lifetime moments from each and everyone is more than a simple capture. Is to reflect upon the moment, the feelings and to fly into the inspiration of those who watch.This as always been our objective and purpose. 
Beyond the images and footage, dreams and emotions must be showned under the lights! Its not only to broadcast a story, we ame to reflect emotions and memorable moments. 
We love what we do and our ambition is that dreams make part of our plans. 
We only cover an event for each day, because we devote completely to that moment. 
We don't manufacture the result, but we get in love with it and the outcome... that's what you are going to feel. 


For us every project, and client, are unique. 


Social Videos






  • EEVA – European Evento Videographers Association


History and Video Background:

1988 - With only 13 years of age, it begun its path producing small animated movies made with "stop motion":

1990 - Produces and directs 3 mini-films, with amateur actors from high school, in a saga call "O Diamante - A Mala do Dinheiro";

1991 - His invited to film for the spectacle company "A Aplauso" (stage camera);

1992 - His invited to be part of a radio station - at this time already with a video department - Rádio Costa Verde Audiovisuais (Espinho);

- It's a this time that he begin's making his first reports in the social area, an area that he never leave;

1992 to 2005 - During this period develops its activity with an photography store in the social events area (both filming and editing social report videos)

2018 to 2020 - He was invited to join the Global Media Group (Jn, Tsf, Dn, Delas) for the group's editor, producer and video director.

Other activities:

- Worked for video production companies, namely as a freelancer for TV channels like TV Galiza and TVI.

- Developed works with video and footage recording and or production for companies like Labesfal, Nissan, Honda, Mafre Seguros, Câmara Municipal de Alenquer, Câmara Municipal de Coimbra, Câmara Municipal de Viseu, EDP, Fórum Viseu, etc.


1999 - Win 1st prize for Best Movie, presented in "Feira de Águeda", about the "Douro Pottery" for the "Clube de apoio ao património da Cidade de Vila Nova de Gaia".

2018 - Had been finalist for best fashion film in 2018 for the Levis Brand. Responsible for production and editing.

2019 - 2018 Innovation Journalism Award in the National Audiovisual category with image and edition with the journalistic work of Joana Assunção. https://www.vdigital.pt/noticias/pais/v-digital-distinguido-com-premio-nacional-de-jornalismo-de-inovacao--11574850.html?

Technical and Academic Information:

Graduate in Advertising Engineering in 1999 with "Universidade Fernando Pessoa". In subjects related with video production he had an average of 19 values out of 20.

Relational Marketing Course by ANJE, in 2010

In 2011, he concludes the intermediate course in After Effect's with FLAG academy.